Hello bigfatnoodlers!

thebigfatnoodle is on a mission to:

1) find as many nice things to eat from around the world as possible

2) try and cook as many nice things to eat from around the world as possible (and BTW, not all recipes will feature noodles, okay?)

3) catalogue or re-create as many of these recipes and adventures as possible

There’s almost nothing thebigfatnoodle won’t try to cook or eat but she does draw the line at bugs, fresh coriander (yuck!) and bittergourd (double yuck!) and she reserves the right to add to this list of unmentionables as her journey progresses…

Disclaimer: though the bigfatnoodle blog was set up predominantly around the subject of food (making, cooking, tasting, eating, etc), the bigfatnoodle is also a hopeless shopaholic so this blog may occasionally be interspersed with objects she desires…

One Response to “Hello bigfatnoodlers!”
  1. amyt57 says:

    Love your mission!!! food + shopping…oh yes!

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