whilst the bramble jelly’s setting, there’s time for a different kind of cuppa

Ginger tea 2

I have to start my post today with an apology. After our day picking blackberries yesterday, mr monster aka big monster aka my husband was meant to post his bramble jelly recipe today in his editorial début. Unfortunately, he made it this morning and forgot that we needed to leave the jelly to set overnight. So, until … Continue reading

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Freshly Pressed: No pain, no gain… free food has its price

Getting to that sweet, juicy blackberry is worth every scratch

There are many, many reasons why I love living in the countryside but being able to forage for free food pretty much tops the list. One of the most abundant sources of said free food in mid/late summer is blackberries. They grow everywhere, even along the motorway. You don’t really want to pick those though … Continue reading

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carrot cake asian style (savoury and not sweet)

Carrot cake - perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner

Carrot cake is one of my favourite dishes but I’m referring to the savoury, fried version you get from hawker stalls in Singapore & Malaysia as opposed to the sweet teatime cake with icing. In Asia, fried carrot cake is traditionally eaten for breakfast but I love it at any time of the day. The key ingredient … Continue reading

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auntie mona’s seriously awesome noodles… typical cantonese-style home cooking

auntie mona's seriously awesome noodles

Auntie Mona is my father’s oldest sister and immigrated to Edinburgh well before I took the form of a soy bean in my mummy’s tummy. Though I’d met her as a child when she used to visited us in Singapore, I really remembered her as the mysterious auntie who lived abroad but very kindly always … Continue reading

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Lemon savoy linguini with bacon and parmesan – tangy, rich and oh so moorish…


Lemon savoy linguini with bacon and parmesan Did you know that ‘Savoy’ was the name of a noble family of Italy that ruled over the duchy of Savoy and became the royal house of Italy from 1862 to 1946? The Savoy family was actually the oldest reigning dynasty in Europe before the dissolution of the … Continue reading

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Hawker-style roast pork (Siew Yuk)

Hawker-style roast pork. This really is my favourite way to eat pork.

Hawker-style roast pork There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t miss having one of Singapore’s hawker centres at my door step. Day or night, whatever the time, there’s a hawker centre or coffee shop open where you can get fed for under £2. When i was little, my mum would go to … Continue reading

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thebigfatnoodle’s 30min special fried rice

it's got prawns and Chinese sausage and leftover pork and green beans and carrots and fried onions and chicken and loads of yummy things, and rice, of course. Lots of it!

thebigfatnoodle’s special fried rice In my constant quest to avoid the midweek slump and drudgery of cooking, especially when it’s all too easy to pick up a leaflet and order a curry or Thai from the takeaway, I’ve turned to an age-old Chinese favourite – the humble but indeed special fried rice. It’s easy to … Continue reading

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Lazy pizza for a lazy Sunday afternoon

Ham, mushroom and mozarella please!

It’s another shitty, dreary, wet and blah Sunday so there’s not much to do but stick a movie on the box and settle in for a lazy afternoon. We’re going to watch ‘Brazil’, a film I’ve never watched before but which my husband swears by. But you can’t really watch movies at home without pizza … Continue reading

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Eggs and tomatoes… another match made in heaven

Hot and eggy and salty rich. Everything I need to get me out of bed on a dull and wet English summer day.

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and feta Scrambled eggs with tomatoes is a dish that my family, and other Chinese families all around the world, have cooked for probably centuries. However, it’s normally a dish you eat at dinner with rice alongside stir fried vegetables and other meat/fish dishes. I’ve always loved the combination of eggs … Continue reading

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Sweet, sour, savoury, spicy and salty … I fancy some Thai tonight

Chilled noodle salad with carrots, fresh mint, spring onions in a tangy Thai style dressing

I love Thai food. Apart from the use of coriander (yuck, yuck, yuck), I love the way the Thais cook. It”s both simple and complex at the same time and I love how every single flavour packs a punch but combines to create flavours that linger on your tastebuds for hours and hours. We re-created … Continue reading

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