If I said ‘chocolate’ to you, what would you say?

Finally, my working week is over and I can turn my attentions to thebigfatnoodle again…

Tomorrow, I’m off to (hopefully) interview the Mayor of my town as it’s the Godalming Food Festival. I’ve already arranged to interview some of the local stall holders and I can’t wait to meet them! Most of them are entrepreneurs whom I don’t believe have trained as chefs but have become businessmen in their own right because they’re passionate about food!

So, as it’ll take me most of Sunday to write about all these encounters, I wanted to be able to post at least one recipe of my own this week.  I wanted it to be something sweet, and nothing seems to evoke people’s attention like the lure of chocolate. After all, it is the weekend and time to relax, unwind and indulge yourself… So, here’s a creation I’ve called my heavenly chocolate pots. If you like chocolate, I hope you’ll like this chocolate recipe.

Have a great weekend.

Heavenly chocolate pots

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