Lemon savoy linguini with bacon and parmesan – tangy, rich and oh so moorish…

Lemon savoy linguini with bacon and parmesan

Lemon, savoy cabbage, bacon and cheese make a great alternative to a tomato-based pasta sauce

Did you know that ‘Savoy’ was the name of a noble family of Italy that ruled over the duchy of Savoy and became the royal house of Italy from 1862 to 1946? The Savoy family was actually the oldest reigning dynasty in Europe before the dissolution of the Italian monarchy. I didn’t either until today… but what does it have to do with cooking?

Cabbage is king

Well, the reigning star of my recipe is actually the humble savoy cabbage. Some argue that the cabbage originates from Italy but this is debatable as the popularity of this crinkly-leaved cabbage is enjoyed by many in the French Savoie, an Alpine region whose boundaries were long disputed with Italy.

All I know is that I’m grateful to whoever cultivated it. In my recipe, it’s the savoy cabbage and not the bacon or parmesan that makes this summer pasta dish so special. The original recipe comes from Jamie Oliver but I actually found his version rather bland and he used less cabbage, which I thought was a shame. I adapted it about five years ago, made it tangy with lots of lemon juice, and added some heat and flavour with the inclusion of chillies. I make this dish a lot because it’s another one of my recipes that takes less than 30 minutes to cook from start to finish, and also because it’s packed with flavour and ideal for days when I just don’t fancy a heavy or tomato-based sauce. My friend made this with a white instead of a savoy cabbage, it created a whole different taste but was equally yummy!

If you want to try making my lemon savoy linguini with bacon and parmesan, click here for the recipe.


One Response to “Lemon savoy linguini with bacon and parmesan – tangy, rich and oh so moorish…”
  1. Joanne says:

    This is SO interesting. I absolutely LOVE savoy cabbage (I’ve got some in my fridge right now, actually) and I’ve never seen it in pasta. I will definitely be trying this!

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