auntie mona’s seriously awesome noodles… typical cantonese-style home cooking

If you ever need an excuse to head to Chinatown, hunting these two ingredients down for this noodle dish is it!

Auntie Mona is my father’s oldest sister and immigrated to Edinburgh well before I took the form of a soy bean in my mummy’s tummy. Though I’d met her as a child when she used to visited us in Singapore, I really remembered her as the mysterious auntie who lived abroad but very kindly always sent us very generous ang pows (in pounds!) at Chinese New Year.

A taste of home cooking, Cantonese-style

About 10 years ago when my mum came for a visit, we finally made the pilgrimage to meet her again. For years, my parents have raved about auntie Mona’s cooking. When auntie Mona moved to Scotland, she and my uncle opened one of the first proper Chinese restaurants there – she was the chef and he managed front of house. She sold the business many years ago to retire early but her love and passion for cooking has never abated. Today, she spends her time travelling around the world and tries to convince my mum to go on as many cruises with her as possible, and when they do go away together, they spend their time onboard taking cooking courses 🙂

During our visit, we spent 3 days with her and everything my parents said about auntie Mona’s culinary skills are true. My husband’s scoffing of at least 2-3 bowls of everything she cooked proved how much he loved her cooking, and I think she too was really happy that my English husband showed such appreciation for her style of Chinese food.

Noodles in a symbolic figure of 8, for good luck!

Auntie Mona made these noodles one night when we decided we’d rather stay in than to eat out. I remember her being so apologetic for only making us noodles for dinner but she really didn’t need to be because the noodles were, quite simply, awesome… and I mean seriously awesome!

auntie mona's seriously awesome noodles

So, I’ve named today’s recipe after auntie Mona and her seriously awesome noodles.

I’m afraid the main ingredients can only be found in Chinese grocery stores but do hunt it down because once you have it, the dish itself is soooooo easy to make and only takes less than 15 minutes to cook. Here’s the recipe.

6 Responses to “auntie mona’s seriously awesome noodles… typical cantonese-style home cooking”
  1. mariechen42 says:

    Well done, My favourate noodle too. It is a surprise that you get the snow cabbage in London while I cannot find them in Singapore. I had to lug 12 cans back home when I was in China last year.

    • We used to only be able to find them in London’s Chinatown but a new Chinese/Polish grocery store opened in Guildford recently (the owner’s Chinese and his wife’s Polish) and Nick found that he stocked them too. Excellent for us since I no longer have to schlep it into London to find them anymore 🙂

  2. lulu says:

    I’m so glad you stopped by and introduced yourself. Your blog looks lovely and the recipes look delicious. I love Chinese food and am always anxious to try new creations….keep them coming.

  3. Mona Seto says:

    I’m flattered that you still have a good memory of your short stay in Edinburgh. If you need any informat
    ion on any of the dishes you can email me.


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