carrot cake asian style (savoury and not sweet)

Fried carrot cake asian style

Carrot cake is one of my favourite dishes but I’m referring to the savoury, fried version you get from hawker stalls in Singapore & Malaysia as opposed to the sweet teatime cake with icing.

From this...

In Asia, fried carrot cake is traditionally eaten for breakfast but I love it at any time of the day. The key ingredient is daikon (also called moohli) but that isn’t so easy to find in Surrey so I decided to try and make mine with red radishes from the greengrocer. I’m really glad I did too because they worked a treat!

... to this...

The combination of red radishes and carrots did mean that my carrot cake took on a pink/orangey colour so I’m calling my recipe my fried red carrot cake. The colour doesn’t however have any effect on the taste though; once fried, it tastes lovely and actually much more peppery because I used red radishes instead of the traditional white daikon, which is much more delicate and milder in flavour.

Up close and personal with mr. carrot cake

This is actually my first attempt at making a fried carrot cake so I’m well chuffed with the results. It’s so easy to make that I know I’m going to be experimenting with the carrot mix again and again. You can even eat the carrot cake fresh out of the steamer when it’s not and soft – all it needs is the tiniest splash of soy or kecap manis (sweet soy). I didn’t use much oil when I fried it either so I think this recipe is a much healthier take on the hawker centre versions I’ve had in the past.

If you’d like to give it go, here’s the recipe.

... to THIS! 🙂

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