It seemed like a good idea at the time…

Mars Bars Banana Vodka Shots There’s nothing like a 40th birthday to bring friends back together again to share stories about the days of old. Add alcohol into the mix and the inevitable reminiscing begins, normally about the same type of alcoholic antics that you’re about to repeat all over again and probably shouldn’t by … Continue reading

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From chopping board to table in under 30mins

It must have been divine providence that I’d already chosen to make a quick and easy stir fry dish to be my next recipe … with a two hour detour caused by all the trains to/from Waterloo grinding to a halt, it was just as well that my pork stir fry with rice cake noodles … Continue reading

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Finally, something about noodles…

… well, almost but not quite. Tomorrow I’ll be posting a recipe for stir fried rice cake noodles! Many of you have probably never seen these weird things before. You don’t normally even find them in Chinese restaurants. It’s not because they’re difficult to get hold of but because this is real Chinese home cooked … Continue reading

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The Godalming Food Festival 2011

The 2011 Godalming Food Festival With the sun blazing in a cloudless blue sky, it couldn’t have been a nicer day for the Godalming Food Festival. It only took 2 minutes on the free Hoppa bus to get from thebigfatnoodle’s HQ to Godalming’s Town Centre. Although it was only10.15amin the morning, the stalls lining the … Continue reading

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If I said ‘chocolate’ to you, what would you say?

Finally, my working week is over and I can turn my attentions to thebigfatnoodle again… Tomorrow, I’m off to (hopefully) interview the Mayor of my town as it’s the Godalming Food Festival. I’ve already arranged to interview some of the local stall holders and I can’t wait to meet them! Most of them are entrepreneurs … Continue reading

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