bigmonster’s bramble jelly

Do try this at home

Hi there: I’m new to the blogging thing so bear with me, but I’m sure it’ll make sense most of the time. Before I start, I just wanted to say publicly just how impressed I’ve been with thebigfatnoodle, with the blogging site, with the photography, with the writing and especially with the food (it’s all about the food!). …I love the bigfatnoodle blog so much that I’ve agreed to become the first contributor. So here we go…

Bramble jelly - why mess with age old recipes that are just as good today as they were yesterday?

When we moved to the cottage a few years ago, one of my dreams was to have a proper country kitchen and start cooking some of the old recipes I could remember from my childhood that I had always associated with ‘the countryside’: I have great memories of long hot summers that contained visits to aunties and uncles who made jams, cheesecakes, ginger beer, cucumber sandwiches…

So naturally, one of the first ideas was to make my very own jam and marmalade. Now thebigfatnoodle posted the other day about the huge blackberry island that’s near our house, so a couple of years ago I took the plunge and grabbed a load and looked into making bramble Jelly. With true beginner’s luck, it was fantastic: juicy, tart, sweet but not oversugared- the 8 jars lasted about 6 weeks.

Last year I attempted to repeat the job, but must have been overconfident, as it was a disaster: it tasted great, but was way too sweet and syrupy, and it never set.

So this year I researched it a bit better, cross checking my recipe with some other opinions, and had a third go, introducing Pectin to the recipe to ensure a set.

I made the batch over the weekend, and had it for breakfast this morning on some freshly baked Buttermilk bread.

Sweet, syrupy goodness

The very essence of late summer…

If you fancy making the Bramble Jelly, click here for the recipe.

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