Treasure hunting at the Nuthill car boot sale

Nuthill car boot sale, mostly junk but there's definitely treasure in there, somewhere...

Today was meant to be a post free day. Honestly.

My father-in-law’s been staying over and as we woke up to a beautifully sunny morning, we decided to drive out to the Nuthill Car Boot Sale just outside Ripley. We’ve been passing it by on the A3 for the last four years so today was THE day to see why hundreds of people spend £1 to visit this particular car boot sale every Sunday morning.

The sheer size of the Nuthill car boot sale is impressive enough – two fields set aside for sellers with another three for parking.

Please take me home, pretty please!

Now, I’m a sucker for junk so we set a ceiling of £50 today to make sure we didn’t end up with a bootful of [someone else’s] cack.

Sadly, our treasure hunting expedition was cut short after about an hour with the onset of rain. It didn’t even rain very hard but the short squall obviously convinced quite a few sellers that it was time to pack up and go.

This freaked me out - a total flashback to the 80s! I really, really wanted to buy the Bananarama album but thankfully Nick pulled me away

Most of what we saw was indeed rubbish pulled out from dusty attics and the backs of cupboards but we did manage to pick up a few things. My father-in-law bought a lovely wooden side table for just £10 as well as a silly ice scraper glove in the shape of a toy alligator head (£1).

Snails in my garden, BEWARE!!!

I had hoped to buy but sadly didn’t find any interesting antique serving dishes, glasses or cooking utensils. I had to laugh when I saw one lady trying to sell what were very obviously washed nutella glasses… like they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure…

I did pick up one gem though, thanks to my father-in-law’s sharp eyes. I snapped up this escargot dish for £1, bonus!

Despite the brevity of our trip, it was still a great day out and the highlight of the whole morning was seeing a little girl carrying a colossal giant stuffed pony, which she’d obviously convinced her father to buy! I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of her with her newfound toy to share with all of you. 🙂

Have a great week ahead!

My 'little' pony

Lots of love


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