A meal of mixed emotions

Hokkien mee Singapore style

A meal of mixed emotions

I was meant to post this yesterday as part of a happy occasion, a celebration of my Singaporean roots as today is Singapore’s National Day. Unfortunately, I’m distracted and saddened by the riots still taking place here in the UK. It’s hard to explain how I feel on days like today. I effectively have two ‘homes’ – I remain just as attached to my roots in Asia but England has welcomed me with open arms, it is a GREAT country, and I love it just as much as I do Singapore.

Not really sure what to say in light of everything that’s going on so best to say as little as possible apart from this: to my friends in Singapore, here’s hoping you had a very happy National Day and that you celebrated it in joyous style.

And to all my friends in London and across the UK, I hope this madness ends soon and that you’re all staying safe!

Food certainly isn’t high on my list of priorities at the moment but at least it’s a basic, simple and innocent pleasure. Yesterday’s recipe for today is another one of our favourite hawker dishes called Hokkien Mee. I hope you’ll like it. Click here for the recipe.

Happy National Day (Singapore)!

Lots of love


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