Our edible garden

Our flower bed

Our edible garden

I feel horribly, horribly guilty. I have thoroughly neglected our garden this year.

Time to get the secateurs out

Starting this blog has only made it worse as I’ve realised I’ve barely set foot in my backyard in the last three weeks.

Plums, glorious plums!

There’s still a few more weeks of decent weather left (she says hopefully), and everything still looks rosy now, but the ivy’s wreaking havoc everywhere and unless I spend more time getting my hands dirty, there’ll be hell to pay next year and not much of a garden to look at or eat.

Bumper crop of oregano this year

Marjoram, variegated sage and oregano fighting for space

We’ve spent the last couple of years planting lots of different herbs and a couple of fruit trees because I’ve always wanted a garden that would feed all my senses, figuratively and literally.

Curry in a hurry?

So today, I thought I’d share a pictorial story and take you on a virtual tour of our garden.

In a few weeks’ time, most of these plants and herbs will start dying off and then there won’t be much to look at until spring next year.

Purple sage

Typically, whenever I step out into the garden, I’m inevitably joined by either one or both of our two furball Burmese cats. The one in the photo is called Spike.

Meet Fatso, real name Spike, and she's a she

Contrary to popular belief, she’s a she and not a he despite the name though in the last few years, we’ve tended to refer to her as Fatso because she’s a whole half a kilo heavier than her sister, sootysmudge, also known as Skinny.

Rosemary jungle

There’s no picture of Skinny as she was most likely sunning herself on our bed at the time.

Yummy pears

Anyway, I hope you like this little peek into our small country garden.

If you don’t hear from me as often during the next few weeks, at least you’ll know why. 🙂

Lots of love


Peering over the top of our thyme

2 Responses to “Our edible garden”
  1. Connie says:

    I envy your garden :))) I have a very smaller space outside my house. I live in Singapore so the herbs that I plant is very different from yours. Curry plant,spring onions,peppermint,dill and pandan leaves. Regards Connie

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