No afternoon tea is complete without cake : apple and banana walnut bread

I cook like the swedish chef - image from

So easy to bake that even I can’t mess this up

Another blogger suggested I try baking an apple bread as I didn’t know what to do with all the apples my brother-in-law gave us (read about that story here).

It doesn’t help that I’m really not a confident baker; as someone who measures ingredients mostly by splashes and dashes, the precision required in baking goes against my Swedish chef-style tendencies… (Swedish chef image from My brothers will attest to that as I was the only one in home economics class who made rock cakes that almost broke their teeth.

These apples have gone into a cake, a new batch of bramble jelly and if we have enough time today, we'll make some apple sauce too!

Apples and walnuts go hand in hand

However, I was determined to put these lovely apples to good use and this recipe seemed easy enough to follow. I however couldn’t resist tweaking it slightly to include bananas and walnuts (my current food obsession).

I can't resist a bit of bling and I adore this gold loaf tin which my mother-in-law gave us as she never uses it anymore

What’s interesting about this recipe is that it has a separate topping which gives the super-moist bread a crisp and crunchy top.

I’m using the loaf tin my mother-in-law gave us, which I’ve loved since the first time I saw it as it’s in blinging gold! It’s the first time I’ve used this loaf tin and it was perfect for this recipe.

Our blingtastic loaf tin

Do I think the recipe worked? Hell yeah!

It's really more of a cake than a bread and it's packed with apples, banana and walnuts

It’s one of the best cakes I’ve made and it’s not too sweet but is super moist and super moreish.

I’d made this cake with the intention of bringing some to work tomorrow for my colleagues but after giving some to my neighbour and trying it with the bigmonster, it’s already disappearing fast. It doesn’t help that my husband keeps insisting that I’m terrible at slicing it cleanly so he has to ‘straighten the edges’. I don’t know if I’ll actually have enough for tomorrow – that’s how quickly this cake is being devoured. If you’d like to make it, click here for the recipe.

Have a brilliant week ahead.

My apple and banana walnut bread

Lots of love


4 Responses to “No afternoon tea is complete without cake : apple and banana walnut bread”
  1. jama says:

    Oh yum! Must try this recipe soon. Love that golden loaf pan :).

  2. mist008 says:

    That was some brilliant tweaking! I’m not much of a baker either so doing what you did wouldn’t have occurred to me. But I’m going to try it. I did do a bit of baking late last week and it turned out well. I have one photo of the end results and I’ll try and post it in the next couple of days. It was a perfect recipe for me – idiot proof! Congrats on the yummy bread, and I’m wildly envious of your good photos!

  3. Renee says:

    One word – YUM! Great photos and thanks for sharing this awesome receipe!

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