friday is for fish dish: prawn and avocado salad (amuse bouche)

Two salads into one

I don’t know about you but I am a BIG fan of the humble but very 80’s prawn cocktail salad. I’m also a very big fan of prawn and avocado, whether that’s in a sandwich or when you dress half an avocado with prawns in a marie-rose sauce. So for my Friday is for Fish dish, I combined my two favourite prawn salads into one and shrunk them into an amuse bouche too, just because… 🙂

In terms of the recipe, there’s nothing fancy to this, just good old fashioned seafood sauce for the cooked prawns, crisp crunchy baby cos lettuce for the salad bit and a perfectly ripe avocado.

The hardest bit about this recipe is getting the mashed avocado into these shot glasses. The solution? My trusty piping bag. I found a great silicon bag which you can wash, re-use and store but if you haven’t got one, just fill a clear plastic bag exactly like a piping bag and just snip the end off when you’re ready to squeeze it into your shot glass/serving dish.

Yummy fresh prawns ready to be cut into little pieces

It’s Bank holiday weekend in the UK and we’re off to the Wings and Wheels show at Dunsfold so that the bigmonster can release his inner petrol head. I really just wanted him to go on his own or with friends but he’s insisting I go with him. His idea of ‘dangling a carrot’ is to tell me that there are going to be 80 food stalls there. I have a horrible vision that that simply means burger van after burger van after burger van… story about that on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Seafood sauce

Everyone has their own version of seafood sauce so if you’ve never made one, I suggest you follow one simple golden rule. Make it up as you go along. If you’re big on ketchup, add more. If you like horseradish, add some. If you’ve found that you’ve put too much ketchup or Tabasco in your sauce, add more mayo or lemon juice. Making this sauce shouldn’t be an exact science because it’s all about making it to your favourite taste… enjoy!

This avocado was perfect, just look at the colours!

For the avocado, I simply mashed the flesh with a fork and squeezed some lemon into it (the lemon stops it from going brown too), along with with a small pinch of salt.

4 tablespoons of mayonnaise (I use Heinz)

1 tablespoon ketchup

Couple of good dashes of worchestershire sauce

3-4 generous splashes ofTabasco

Squeeze of lemon juice

Season with salt and pepper to taste

I served these with my onion biscuits and a plate of fresh radishes

I’m serving these little amuse bouches with my mini onion biscuits (click here for the recipe)

Prawn and avocado salad amuse bouche

Lots of love


4 Responses to “friday is for fish dish: prawn and avocado salad (amuse bouche)”
  1. Yum, the photography is AMAZING as per. Really nice presentation too, this simply must be delicious.

  2. I love prawn cocktail, though I know some people might laugh because it isn’t a cool thing to like. Your efforts look so gorgeous. Great idea! I’d be very happy if I was served these little salads.

    • Thanks. They were fun to make and there’s no shame in loving the old prawn cocktail. I know what you mean though because it has this bad rep as being old fashioned and kitsch. Haven’t met anyone yet who’d say no to it though 🙂

  3. Yum, I love prawn and avocado. This looks delish

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