fresh fruit doesn’t have to be boring #2: mango madness

Toasted brown or granary bread works best with this recipe

Don’t have it with toast, have it on toast!

While I’m not the world’s biggest bread fan, I do like a bit of toast for breakfast every so often.

Unfortunately, I also get a bit bored of having the same spreads each time.

However, I came across this breakfast treat purely by accident and every since then, I have this for breakfast whenever I can get hold of a juicy, sweet mango.

A fresh mango. One of my favourite fruits

Peeled perfection

Basically, I was a Uni student in Melbourne when one morning, all I could find in the kitchen was some brown bread and some mangoes and bananas in the fruit bowl. I popped the bread in the toaster but when I went to the fridge, I couldn’t find any butter.

Now. I’m one of those people that slathers their toast with far more butter than is healthy, so the thought of butter-less brown bread was enough to make me cry. However, the sweet scent of the mangoes nearby hit my nose so I left the toast where it was and turned my attention to the mango instead. While I was eating the mango, I must have taken a bite of bread out of pure hunger but the resulting taste was like an explosion in my mouth. I ended up laying slice after slice of fresh mango on now cooled and crisp toast and ended up having the most amazing brekkie.

Every since that time, if I can get hold of a good, sweet mango, I have this mango on toast treat for breakfast.

Slices of sweet natural heaven

I know the sound of mangoes on toasted brown bread hardly sounds special or appetising but trust me, this is one food marriage that needs to be tasted to be believed.

As much as I love sweet or savoury spreads, the combination of the soft mango with the crunchiness of brown or granary bread is simply out of this world. Just ask my husband, who is now one of its biggest fans.

Another guilt-free breakfast that tastes like a guilt-laden breakfast probably would

It’s also one of the healthiest breakfasts I can think of because the toast is unbuttered and the fresh mangoes provide all the sweetness required, but if you want to treat yourself (or if the mangoes you have aren’t super sweet), drizzle just a tiny bit of runny honey over the top or around the plate.

So, if you’re struggling for new ideas to make toast interesting again, I really recommend you try this guilt-free brekkie. You won’t regret it.

I'd choose this over a sweet or savoury spread any day

Mango on toast

3-4 slices of your favourite brown/granary bread (allow these to cool completely in a toast rack so they become crisp and crunchy)

1 ripe mango, peeled and sliced

(optional) runny honey

Once your toast is cooled, lay your slices of fresh mango over the top and drizzle some running honey around the plate. Simples. 🙂

Lots of love


6 Responses to “fresh fruit doesn’t have to be boring #2: mango madness”
  1. hopeeternal says:

    Sounds great & I have mangoes in the fridge too… Banana on toast (with or without a layer of Peanut Butter) is great too.
    Toasted Brioche or croissants would be wonderful with fruit on …
    I am having lots of ideas – thanks for the inspiration!
    ‘Meanderings through my Cookbook’

    • Yeah, nutella chocolate spread with fresh bananas is one of my husband’s favourites:) fresh fruit rocks! Let me know what you come up with too, I love the idea of using brioche, yum.

  2. hopeeternal says:

    Not a great Nutella fan – a bit too sweet, especially first thing in the morning…
    Watch out for my Brioche recipe coming soon – I will be posting French style recipes in September…

  3. and that is how all new recipes start. It is said that mangos are also natural slimming aids.
    I look forward to trying this breakfast recipe.
    Until next time.

  4. Photos are incredible as usual. The toast one is my favourite. Thanks for yet another great idea, I’ll have something like this for breakfast this week!

  5. carolldee says:

    Sounds delish … I love mangoes, they add an exotic note to almost anything. Even, apparently, toast!

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