A special bank holiday cocktail: The Ginger Simon

The Ginger Simon

It’s one of those weird days in the UK when you almost get all the four seasons at once – a bit of sun, a bit of rain, a bit of sun and rain, and a crisp breeze every so often. Our mate Simon’s come over to stay and with the Grand Prix race done, we’re about to sit out in the garden and catch some sunshine before the next summer shower hits.

It’d be rude to sit in the garden without some sort of beverage to hand so some nifty mixology is in order. Following our recent trip to the 40|30 bar at the top of the Gherkin (read about it here), we decided to recreate one of the drinks we had. The best one that night was called the Thai Daiquiri and it was based on ginger beer, lemon juice, grenadine syrup and soda. It was alcohol free though (shame) so we had a bit of an experiment. What is the best booze to add to this combo – vodka or whisky?

Jack Daniels whisky versus Sky vodka. Today, whisky won.

Our Jack Daniels version wins hands down, no contest, and I’m very pleased to be able to add this drink to my Liquid Nourishment section because it’s a winner! I’d even say it’s almost as good as my ultimate hunk martini with the added benefit that there’s no faffing around with cocktail shakers and the like.

So, in recognition of our mate Simon, we’ve decided to call this tall cocktail The Ginger Simon.

and the winner is... ginger simon!

If you’re planning to try this mix, just be careful not to drink it too quickly. It goes down as easily as fizzy pop but even though I’m only halfway through my tall glass, I’m feeling very pleasantly fuzzy. That could  just be down to sitting out in the sun of course :). Happy Bank holiday weekend to all in the UK!

Drink me

The Ginger Simon (makes 1 tall glass)

Fill a tall glass with ice and add 15 ml grenadine sugar syrup, 30 ml Jack Daniels whisky, 150 ml of ginger ale and a generous squeeze of lemon juice. Top it all off with some sparkling water and a slice of lemon.

Lots of love


The Ginger Simon, after our mate Simon

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  1. amit saini says:

    I like vodka

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