Today it’s only about cars: Dunsfold Wings and Wheels

That's one HOT car. Red hot, just like a red hot birds eye chilli

I know this is meant to be a food blog but I had hoped that my day at the Dunsfold Wings and Wheels show today would have at least allowed me to find something nice to eat, something worth sharing with you.

Unfortunately – and I really should have trusted my instincts last week when my husband said there’d be 80 food stalls there – it was exactly as I expected, a line of fast food trucks selling nothing but greasy burgers, greasy hot dogs, greasy doughnuts, greasy chips, greasy everything! Even my husband’s Mr Whippy ice cream was, well, greasy. Urgh.

That shouts cucumber green to me!

After a morning looking at some seriously beautiful cars and watching stunt planes do gravity-defying tricks until we cricked our necks looking up, we chose one greasy truck from the rest and thought we’d be relatively safe ordering a steak sandwich. Sadly, it was so bland and disgusting that I don’t even want to write about it as it’ll only just make me remember how bad it was.

But at least this lack of food to distract me meant that I actually did pay attention to the wings and the wheels on display. So, instead of a day taking pictures of new food finds, I just took pictures of all of my favourite cars and planes from the show. I’m not a petrol head, I’m really not into cars at all. I mean, I don’t even drive but I saw some seriously beautiful machines today. And I have to say, if guys love cars the way I love making/cooking/eating food, I now understand why they react to cars the way they do. Some cars actually made me think of them in food terms, as in ‘delicious’, or made me think of food because of their colour (like the one above)…

This made me laugh. What a brilliant childcare idea. No risk of children hurting themselves. Just put them in their own hamster cages and let them run!

Run hamster run!

Anyway, if you’re really only interested in food, then stop reading today’s blog right now because it’s all about cars (and some planes) from here on in. I’ll leave you to decide which ones you think whet your appetite in the way it whet mine.

I fell in love with this car today. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. Shame I don't have £500,000 lying around.

Perfectly lustful

Lots of love

the bigfatnoodle

That's one big plane

When I say big, I mean big.

It's not just food that makes me drool. This Jag was jaw droppingly beautiful.

I loved this little plane. So cute!

This Mustang just oozes cool.

One of my ex-boyfriends drove something very similar to this. And he was a bogan.

You little beauty!

Beautiful. Not very sociable though.

This car had the strangest vent across the hood. Couldn't work out if it shut or was always open

I do love the racing stripes

Don't know what it is about this car but I loved it!

Classic. Gorgeous. Divine.

See? Utterly gorgeous.

Another different type of gorgeousness.

It's the whump whump whump mobile. That's the sound this helicopter makes if you couldn't understand what I was trying to say.

Hmmm. That looks suspiciously like a mini.

Yup, that's definitely a mini. Just with bits added and bits taken away.

So that's what crazy petrol heads get up to in their spare time

Timeless beauty

I LOVE this car. Look at the lines on this car... wow, I can do car speak...! Oops, excuse the kissing couple. I didn't see them until after I'd snapped the picture. Aren't they cute too? The couple, I mean...

Another shot, this time minus kissing couple. This car had curves!

Yup, that's one big helicopter

Cute. Seriously cute.

I'm fascinated by fire engines and I got to get up close and personal to one.

Very very cute. Love the little window hatch!

Looks more like a toy than a car!

Caterham 7s


My, my, what a big rear end you have.

That's not a car!

Too cute! But the indicator lights did look a little bit like, um, perky...

Hmm, that looks like it could go very, very fast.

And for the last photo, a car named after my husband! 🙂

2 Responses to “Today it’s only about cars: Dunsfold Wings and Wheels”
  1. Renee says:

    Some sweet, sick rides! I love the Hamster Balls for the kids – lol!!! Better than a ball pit for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  2. aimooaimoo1 says:

    So many nice cars. Where did you go to take photos?
    I like them so much. I create a Cars Club forum in Aimoo. If you like cars, you can come here to communicate with us. LOL
    Thank you for sharing. So great!!!

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