friday fish dish: fish finger sandwiches – A great British sandwich tradition

Our posh version of the fish finger sandwich with home-made tartare sauce

11 billion sandwiches are eaten every year in Britain

Those who know me know that I’m actually not a very big bread fan and therefore am not very into sandwiches. This makes it a bit tricky living in the UK because people here LOVE their sandwiches.

Make your own tartare sauce

Take my husband for example. He has a ham, cheese, tomato and pickle sandwich at least twice a week. Sometimes it’s three times a week, which I used to think was pretty excessive until I found out that people in the UK eat an average of 4.2 sandwiches per week, per person.

In fact, people in Britain eat so many sandwiches that they make their way through nearly 11 billion sandwiches every year. An average of 4.2 sandwiches are eaten at home – per person, every week, which means my husband’s sandwich eating habits are actually, well, normal.

And how do I know this? Because I got the information from the British Sandwich Association. Yes, there really is such an organisation, pffffffff 🙂

But it’s not just the quantity of sandwiches that are eaten that’s fascinating; it’s also the fillings, like the chip butty. Seriously??? Everyone keeps telling me chip butties are the bomb but I’ve yet to try one. Frankly, if they’re as good as people say, it’s best I don’t because I’m already generously well padded enough as it is 🙂

Fish frying assembly line - seasoned flour, egg and breadcrumbs

Unfortunately, I don’t think my sandwich today is any less fattening than a chip butty (maybe marginally) but it’s at least one that I’m happy to eat and one I hope you’ll like too.

The inspiration for the filling came from being at work of all places. My office has a catered cafeteria and last week, the special dish of the day was fish fingers, peas and chips. The chap in front of me however asked to put his fish fingers in a bap and since then, I’ve really, really wanted to make my own version of this classic sandwich.

Own-made fish fingers, Yum yum.

So, today’s Friday fish dish is none other than my version of the fish finger sandwich. But we’re not talking Bird’s Eye fish fingers here though I do love them too!

I breaded talapia fillets to make my own fish fingers and served it between super soft slices from a white farmer’s loaf, with a dollop of home-made tartare sauce, slices of fresh tomato straight from our garden and a big handful of fresh rocket.

There’s no delicate way to eat such a sandwich, it’s messy eating but it’s worth it. Just have plenty of napkins to hand. Click here for the recipe.

Fish finger sandwiches for tea 🙂

Have a lovely weekend.

Lots of love


3 Responses to “friday fish dish: fish finger sandwiches – A great British sandwich tradition”
  1. dad says:

    Can you tell me how to make a tilapia fillet? I have a whole tilapia and want to know how to turn it intom a fish fillet?

  2. Renee says:

    I could go for one of these right now – looks delicious.

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