A novel way to dry chillies

My husband’s a genius!

Came home from work to find a neat little row of chillies sitting on the vent of our combi oven/microwave. The reason:

1) it’s pissing down with rain at the moment (like serious torrential downpours)

2) no sunshine

3) no natural way to dry the chillies he’d grown this summer etc

His solution – pop ’em on the vent while the pork casserole’s cooking. Beats popping them in the oven and risking them getting burnt.

It really worked. Ergo, I say again, my husband is a genius.

These chillies are small but they really, really, really pack a punch!

Lots of love


One Response to “A novel way to dry chillies”
  1. Lizzy says:

    Loving that top tip as I have a chilli plant and am having the same problems drying them. Thank you x

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