Slow cooked rolled roast pork with a sage, bacon and cranberry stuffing and home-made apple sauce and ketchup

Slow cooked rolled roast pork (with a sage, bacon and cranberry stuffing) Whenever I have a big group of friends coming over for dinner, like I did last night, my favourite recipe to turn to is this, a slow cooked rolled roast pork belly, stuffed with my own mixture of cranberries, bacon, sage from our … Continue reading

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What the…? There’s a pheasant in my garden!

Woke up this morning to find a peahen wandering around my garden. It was her lucky day because of my two cats that spotted her, she was chased off by Skinny, the one who to this day hasn’t even managed to catch a fly, much less anything furry or feathery. She does however very proudly … Continue reading

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