Get your scary on: mummy dogs

Sleep well my little beauties...

Mummy dogs

As part of this year’s upcoming Halloween celebrations, my father-in-law is organising a ‘Fright Night’ event for families in his local town.

So, for the last few weeks, I’ve been researching various low-cost and easy to make Halloween eats and treats for him that will go down well with adults and kids alike.

My giant pizza dough ball which I'll roll out to make mummy wrappings

I honestly don’t know how we managed to do without the internet in the past, I found so many great ideas online and there’s no way I could have done so even 10 years ago!

I can’t claim this mummy dogs recipe as my own but I love it!

These little babies are so easy to make and so unbelievably cute that I dare anyone not to go ‘awwww’ and smile. 🙂

Mummy dogs


A quarter of my pizza dough recipe is enough for you to wrap at least 6-8 mummy dogs

The mummy ‘wrappings’ are nothing more than pizza dough rolled out, cut into strips and then wrapped around your dog of choice. You make 2 little slits where the eyes need to go, and shove the eyes in ie black peppercorns in my case.

I made 2 types of mummy dogs – one which had a slice of cheddar cheese rolled into the main body, and another without.

Cheesy mummy dog on the bottom, traditional no-cheese mummy dog on the top

If you’re planning to make these yourself, a little trick I learnt the hard way is to make sure you leave quite a generous gap for the head because I forgot to take into account how much the dough would spread once I popped these mummy dogs into the oven.

Bow wow!

For extra effect, we ate these mummy dogs with a bowl of sickly bile (American mustard with chopped gherkins) and the de riguer ‘blood’, none other than plain old ketchup. 🙂

Brains!!! His head's exploded (not).

This will be I hope one of a few ideas I’ll post over the next few weeks to help my father-in-law’s guests get into the Halloween spirit. I know we’re still some week’s away from Halloween but time flies, and I love Halloween, so I’m getting my scary on NOW, hehehehe.

Hmmmm, yummy mummy dogs

For a simple pizza dough recipe, click here. A quarter of this dough recipe is all you need to make about 6-8 mummy dogs. That leaves you with plenty of dough to make dough balls, pizza etc…

To make your own ketchup, click here.

Peek a boo!

Hot from the oven!

Lots of love


15 Responses to “Get your scary on: mummy dogs”
  1. localgirl says:

    This is my favourite food blog ever! Your ideas are so creative and inspiring. I also love love love halloween and make halloween dinner every year.

    My annual tried and tested halloween menu consists of a starter of pumpkin or carrot soup served in mini hollowed out pumpkins topped with a little ‘ghost’ made of a ghost-shaped swirl of creme fraiche with peppercorn eyes. This is served with black rye bread and mini balls of goats cheese turned into eyeballs with a peppercorn pupil and scatted with red paprika to make the eyeballs look suitably bloodshot.

    Second course is black squid-ink pasta with a black mushroom and truffle sauce (easy because I buy the sauce, it is expensive but only bought once a year) served with a purple radicchio salad.

    Dessert is either quick ‘shrunken heads’ which are two scoops of ice-cream, one chocolate, one vanilla decorated with pomegranate seeds for eyes and a row of sharp-looking teeth. These are served with home-made raspberry coulis for ‘blood’ (made with frozen raspberries), dark chocolate sauce and single cream. I make the second choice for dessert if I have a bit more time. Its a dark chocolate cake covered in dark chocolate icing. I then draw a spiders web on top using the orange ready-made icing that you can buy in a tube and decorate the cake with plastic spiders – making sure the, by now slightly drunk guests, know that the spiders are there so they don’t choke on them.

    Of course, everyone dresses up and brings bottles of red wine.

    Since last halloween I’ve had a baby so elaborate three-course meals and a house full of guests might not happen. Perhaps this year I’ll make your mummy dogs, put the baby to bed, and eat them while watching a Hammer Horror dvd with my witches hat on.

  2. rachsmith says:

    Mummy dogs!! Oh my goodness—these are amazing…so clever!

  3. Renee says:

    You made my day – this is such a cute idea:) Made me smile and laugh – I needed that this morning – Thanks!

  4. These are adorable. My friend is having a party for her 10 year old and these will come in very handy. So wonderful for halloween!

  5. Wow, they are so cute. Poor, cute sausages… You killed them.

  6. Very nice recipe! My kids will love these. Thanks for sharing 😉

  7. I love “crescent roll hot dogs” and yours really made me smile. So creative! I can see these being a hit at a Halloween party.

  8. I love “crescent roll hot dogs” and yours really made me smile. So creative! I can see these being a hit at a Halloween party. I’m going to post a link on my Facebook “Oishii!” page.

  9. those look so much fun, you really do know how to celebrate halloween in stlye 🙂

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