You can’t get more autumnal than making French toast for breakfast on a cold, misty morning

Simple is best

Can you guess what I'm making yet?

It’s not even 9am on a Saturday morning today as I sit here typing.

I didn’t actually even want to be up before 9am this morning on a Saturday.

But I was up, on a Saturday, at 9am (get the message yet? :)) because at 5am, I was woken up by what I was convinced was a heated conversation taking place downstairs in my living room.

The first thing I thought was, why’s my husband up at 5am on a Saturday when I have to practically drag him out of bed most mornings? And secondly, who the hell is he speaking to at 5am in the morning in our house???

Turns out I did hear voices (no imaginary ones in my head yet, phew!) but they were the not-so-dulcet tones of David Coulthard, Eddie Jordan and Jake Humphrey arguing (again) before the qualifying of the Japanese F1 Grand Prix. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Grand Prix! I’m gutted that for the first time since Singapore joined the circuit, I wasn’t back in Singapore for the F1 as I have been for the last few years. But at 5am in the morning, hmmm….

Eggy bread is one of the most awesome of awesome breakfasts

So instead of enjoying a lovely lie in and catching up on sleep, I found myself sitting up with my husband drinking tea, listening to the qualifying and wishing I was still asleep.

French toast and crispy bacon (before it's drenched in maple syrup)

By 8am, our stomachs started rumbling and since I have been up since 5am against my will, I felt we deserved a little treat just to perk up this cold, damp and misty October morning.

The other half was meant to be drizzling maple syrup over the stack slowly...

There are very few breakfasts I love more than eggy french toast served with crispy bacon and slathered in proper maple syrup. Maple syrup is pure liquid amber gold!

I know it’s super bad and unhealthy and full of calories but sod it, I’ve been up since 5AM! 🙂

Anyway, I never planned this as a recipe for thebigfatnoodle but since we made it and it’s something I love, I couldn’t resist snapping some pictures. If you’re just waking up and I’ve made you throw any healthy breakfast intentions out the window as a result of these pictures, I’m really, really sorry. I hope you will be tempted though, it might help lessen my guilt a little… have a lovely weekend!

But then his finger 'slipped' and we ended up with a pool of maple syrup... I can't say I'm complaining though

I feel a bit silly typing up this recipe because I kind of assume everyone knows how to make their own version but here’s the way I make it in case you want to try it.

French toast - perfect breakfast on this cold and dreary Autumnal morning

French toast

4 slices of white bread, sliced in half to make triangles (I think just slightly stale bread works best, strangely enough)

3-4 large beaten eggs, I season mine with a pinch of salt and a pinch of soft brown sugar too

You can add few drops of vanilla essence too but I didn’t today

Dip your slices of bread into egg mixture but don’t leave it for too long or else your bread will fall apart

Fry the eggy slices in a knob of butter

Serve with slices of crispy bacon and don’t be stingy with pouring maple syrup over everything! 🙂

Lots of love


3 Responses to “You can’t get more autumnal than making French toast for breakfast on a cold, misty morning”
  1. The pictures are amazing! can’t say more! (running to the kitchen to get me some of that! LOL!)

  2. billpeeler says:

    French Toast = breakfast weakness. Yours looks awesome!

  3. mmmm I love French toast! Now I’m actually going to bed, but maybe tomorrow I’ll give it a try because now I MUST have one 😉

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