Stir fried brussels sprouts, yes, SPROUTS!

Brussels sprouts are so fab!

Are you in the love ’em or hate ’em camp?

I love brussels sprouts. Absolutely 100% adore them.

Sadly though, eating sprouts in our house is a lonely affair; as in if I cook them, I’ll be the only one eating them. However, I can’t stomach them if they’re boiled – YUCK! – and I think the only way they should be cooked is my way (or course haha) and that’s stir fried so that they’re still crisp and slightly crunchy.

My husband hates them with a passion but he used to eat them when I stir fried them. At the time, he said he didn’t mind them as much when I stir fried them but he fessed up recently and told me that he still hates them. He only used to tell me that stir fried sprouts were ok all those years ago so he wouldn’t hurt my feelings. Says it’s nothing against my cooking but he can’t lie anymore, he still hates sprouts. Sigh.

Anyway, he has no taste (in this instance) because sprouts are awesome. They are however a Marmite food so if you love them like I do, you’ll probably want to read my recipe. If you don’t, check back in later this week when I post my crispy oven baked ‘cheep cheep’ chicken recipe. It’s what I ate with my stir fried sprouts last night. 🙂

Stir fried brussels sprouts takes the edge of the cabbage flavour and keeps them crunchy and yummy

Lots of love


Pounded garlic and ginger are truly a match made in heaven

Stir fried brussels sprouts (side dish for 2)

12-15 brussel sprouts, cut in half

(optional) 1 carrot, sliced

(optional) 1 stick celery, sliced

½ teaspoon sesame oil

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

1 tablespoon soy sauce

1 teaspoon oyster sauce

1 teaspoon mirin

1 tablespoon water

Flip them cut side down so the sauce can caramelise the bottoms of the sprouts

1 teaspoon sugar

½ teaspoon salt

1 thumbsized piece of fresh ginger, pounded

2 cloves garlic, pounded with the ginger

In a small mixing bowl, combine all the sauces, except the vegetable oil, with the salt and sugar.

In a very hot saucepan on high heat, heat the oil and then stir fry the pounded ginger and garlic. Once the garlic starts turning brown, throw in all your vegetables. Try and turn all the brussel sprouts cut side down on the pan. Pour over your sauce over your veg and leave it to fry (do not toss the vegetables) for 2 minutes. most of the sauce should have evaporated while caramelising the flat side of the brussel sprouts. If you like your sprouts softer, let them stir fry for another minute but if you like them crisp and crunchy like me, 2 minutes is all you’ll need.

I ate mine with a piece of crispy oven baked chicken wing and a small portion of steamed white rice.

Stir fried sprouts with crispy, oven baked 'cheep cheep' chicken

32 Responses to “Stir fried brussels sprouts, yes, SPROUTS!”
  1. Sounds good yet the sauce sounds a little unconventional..?
    have yet to attempt cooking brussel sprouts! any other suggestions on how to cook them?

    • Gordon Ramsay fries lardons until crispy and then adds cooked chestnuts and shredded Brussels sprouts. Once the sprouts go in, he only fries them for about a minute before adding a glug of double cream and seasoning it with some black pepper. I haven’t tried making them this way yet but it did look good if a little unhealthy given the bacon, fat and cream.

  2. dad says:

    Sounds lovely, will give it a try. What is Mirin? Can I use a substitute in the kitchen?

    • Mirin’s a kind of Sweet Japanese wine. I’ve been told you can replace this with either sake (another Japanese rice wine) or try diluting some rice vinegar with water and sugar.

  3. Hate them, I’m afraid. Though I am coming round… I always think they look delicious though.

  4. You know what I am afraid I am right along with your husbands point of view when it comes to Brussels sprouts. I make them as everyone else in my family loves them but I am not a big fan. However, your version of this dish sounds really different with a Hong Kong Flair that I may even like brussel spouts now. (wonder if I could change up from oyster sauce to abalone sauce?)

  5. billpeeler says:

    I love, LOVE brussel sprouts and think I might give this recipe a whirl —–

  6. Eva Taylor says:

    I’m actually in the LOVE camp! I read somewhere that if you score the bottom of the stem in an “X” pattern they won’t be bitter, not sure if it is true. I usually pair ours with a little bacon, YUM!

  7. Dalai Lina says:

    OMG, I want to eat my screen! I love brussel sprouts and this recipe looks amazing. Thanks for always inspiring me!

  8. I have started to realize some of the foods I dislike I need to try again. Either I or someone else cooked them wrong in the first place and ended up with a dislike. I think I need to try new foods a few times before throwing them into the dislike category.

    • I keep telling my husband that. A lifetime of bad school dinners has killed (unkindly) his appetite for so many things I love. I’ll try anything once or twice (cooked in different ways) before I truly decide whether I like it or not. Do this also partly out of pure greed LOL

  9. I LOVE sprouts! I don’t get why some ppl hate them so much. I’ve never seen a stir fry with bussel sprouts before, but I am LOVING this!

  10. I love brussel sprouts and even enjoyed them boiled served with salt, pepper and butter.
    🙂 Mandy

  11. Karen says:

    I’m in the love them group. I eat them so many ways but never with Asian flavors. Can’t wait to try them that way. Happy that I stopped by for a visit to find your recipe.

  12. Hello there, I am so happy you found me and my “Buddha’s Hand” blog entry at Food on Fifth. I love, love, love brussel’s sprouts any way they are cooked. We eat them often and your recipe looks delicious & yummy. Thanks again and I look forward to following your blog from now on. Happy New Year.

  13. Charles says:

    You know, I actually love brussels sprouts, but I have to admit that boiled is the only way I’ve ever actually tried them. I should really try them another way. Your photo above (the “still slightly crunchy but packed with flavour” one) showing the half sprout on the right with the ever so slightly charred, beautiful colours… just “yum”… really inspires me to give it a try. Maybe I can serve them to my friends and win their hearts over on the old brussels sprouts finally 😀

    Happy new year, and thanks for coming by my blog!

  14. Tandy says:

    we have been pan frying sprouts this passed week – and tonight a stir fry sounds like a good plan! My hubby did the same to be with butternut – only told me after 4 years of me making it that he did not really like it 🙂

  15. I love them too! I recently posted about the purple ones. And I totally agree with you, they need to be fried!

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