A Conundrum

Lea & Perrins

So bigfatnoodle is away at the moment, and I have promised to post a story in her absence,  so here goes.

I have a big problem with Anchovies. I can’t stand them in any shape of form, especially draped onto pizza or in pasta. Fresh, bleeurgh. In oil, double bleeurgh. SO why, then is it that I love Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce, and the Asian equivalent, fish sauce?

There seems to be no rational explanation for it, and I have never understood how the fishiness just disappears. In the past, I’ve tried adding anchovies to spaghetti bolognase sauces, or to roast lamb gravy, as it’s supposed to give a unique ‘depth of flavour’ but I can always just taste a little fishiness at the end of the mouthful. But with Worcestershire sauce that ‘fishy end’ isn’t there.  Go figure.

While bigfatnoodle is away, I’ve been eating the bachelor way: whatever’s been in the freezer stored from before. Luckily, I made this recipe a few weeks back and dug out the remains last night. Still delish.

Here’s the recipe for the dish

Pork, Apple & Ginger

xx bigmonster

9 Responses to “A Conundrum”
  1. zestybeandog says:

    This looks so good! Pork and apples are always a great combo but this lovely char you have achieved is making my mouth water and it’s only 7:19am where I live!

  2. billpeeler says:

    My partner is not a big pork fan, so whenever I see posts like this, I drool like a river and cry silently to myself. Just kidding (sort of). The texture on that meat looks amazing – and the apples make such a great combo . .. looks like it made a great caramelizer. YUM.

  3. No worries. I can’t stand anchovies either.

  4. Oh well that just means more anchovies for me 🙂

  5. ChgoJohn says:

    Great combination of flavors! Great finding something like this in the freezer, isn’t it?

  6. Hi Bigmonster!
    Apparently your wife taught you well, because you are doing a wonderful job at the kitchen 🙂
    PS: I had no idea Worcestershire sauce was made with fish…that’s what happens when one don’t read the labels…
    By the way, I invited bigfatnoodle to participate in the ABC award. Here’s the link:
    Please, let her know.

  7. I used to hate Anchovies, but I like them now. I had no idea L&P had fish in it, weird. The pork looks delicious.

  8. babso2you says:

    This looks yummy! Now I have to go and get something to eat, or can I come over and share? 🙂

    Thanks for the like on my recent blog post!

  9. Emma says:

    So funny – I was genuinely having this very conversation at lunchtime. I absolutely cannot abide anchovies or anything that has touched one (its no good telling me to pick them off a ceasar salad, or pizza for instance) but I could NOT live without fish sauce and L&P! I put fish sauce in everything, including the hot stock I have for breakfast when I’m feeling poorly! Glad I’m not the only one….

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