Profile: thebigfatnoodle is on a mission to create, cook, replicate, write about or devour as many yummy dishes and drinks as she can possibly manage in her short lifetime. She is however easily distracted by bags and shoes. Moderation isn't a word she really understands... thebigfatnoodle was born in Hong Kong almost 40 years ago. She and her family moved to Singapore 3 months after she was born and there she stayed until they packed her off to Australia in 1989 to get an education. She returned to Singapore in 1994, armed more with improved social skills (they have drive-through booze shops in Oz - how awesome is that!?!!) than stunning academic results. Back in Singapore, she eventually met a very sweet Englishman. They got married in 1997 and moved to London. After 10 years living next to the River Thames in Rotherhithe, they decided to leave London and moved to leafy Surrey, where thebigfatnoodle is still trying to learn to love all the bugs and spiders that come with countryside living.

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