A look back in time: thebigfatnoodle spring clean

Hawker-style roast pork. This really is my favourite way to eat pork.

Nothing beats a good spring cleaning It was long overdue but it really needed to be done, and what better way to make sure I stayed off my broken foot then to finally finish the blog clean up I started a few weeks ago. It’s taken me almost a month to do so, not just … Continue reading

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Friday is for fish: Steamed fish (hake) Chinese-style

Steamed fish (hake this time), Chinese-style. The best thing about this dish is once it's cooked, you can eat everything that's in the bowl - the fish, the softened ginger/spring onions, the sauce, EVERYTHING!

A fish dish fit for a king I haven’t done a Friday Is For Fish recipe in a really long time, so it’s really disappointing for me when the photos I take don’t come out as nice as I’d like them to. This week, I made some steamed fish, Chinese-style, which I was really looking … Continue reading

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Crispy chilli beef

A MUCH tastier and better version of the classic crispy chilli beef than what your take-away will ever offer.

Crispy chilli beef – home-made beats take-away – no contest! Crispy chilli beef has to be one of the most popular dishes people order at Chinese restaurants or from take-aways. More often than not though, the crunchy strips of beef are so tough and so over fried that all you can taste is the greasy … Continue reading

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A Chinese new year special: steamed shui mai, dumpling soup and spring rolls

Freshly steamed shui mai and freshly fried spring rolls. YUM YUM YUM!

Gong Hei Fat Choy everybody! Bam’s Kitchen just posted her dumpling recipe a couple of days ago, which made me laugh and smile with joy because my first post for thebigfatnoodle was a tribute to my Shanghainese mother, who taught me how to make Shanghainese dumplings (Click here for my very first bigfatnoodle recipe). Bam’s … Continue reading

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Squid and tilapia fish balls cooked two ways

Squid and tilapia fish balls

Eating humble pie Sigh. There are some times, and at my bloody age, when I really should know better… For a few weeks now, I’ve been obsessing about making fish balls. In Southeast Asia, we have fish balls with noodles, dry or in soup, fish balls fried (on a stick as snack food), basically fish … Continue reading

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Man tou (chinese white bread) – steamed or fried – you pick :)

Chinese man tou

Man tou buns (chinese steamed white bread) Something you definitely cannot find in the UK, even in some of the best Chinese restaurants, is man tou – a Chinese white bread which is steamed instead of baked. Of course you can find ready made ones in the freezer cabinets in Chinese shops but it’s just … Continue reading

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It’s noodle time: crispy mah mee with chicken and prawns

Crispy mah mee with chicken and prawns

It’s noodle time: Crispy mah mee with prawns and chicken Ok, it has been waaaaaayyy too long since thebigfatnoodle posted anything with noodles in it. This time, I haven’t taken my inspiration from the hawker stalls from home but from the classic Chinese restaurant. Crispy fried mah mee is one of my mum’s favourite noodle … Continue reading

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Ginger + boozy wings + a chinese sauna = finger licking goodness!

Chop. Sprinkle, Mix. Steam. That's all there is to it.

My ma’s deviled ginger wings Ma, or Ma Waung (pronounced wong), is what my husband calls my mum so that his mum, my mum and I know who he’s referring to, but my mum’s real name is actually Mary… She was born in Shanghai and grew up in Hong Kong (where she married and had … Continue reading

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auntie mona’s seriously awesome noodles… typical cantonese-style home cooking

auntie mona's seriously awesome noodles

Auntie Mona is my father’s oldest sister and immigrated to Edinburgh well before I took the form of a soy bean in my mummy’s tummy. Though I’d met her as a child when she used to visited us in Singapore, I really remembered her as the mysterious auntie who lived abroad but very kindly always … Continue reading

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