A special bulletin: bigmonster launches ourgodalming.com

I interrupt today’s usual weekend broadcast with an extra special bulletin… Today is my town’s annual food fair – the Godalming Food Festival 2012. Today is also the launch of my husband’s new community-based online channel. He came up with the idea of creating a local, online video channel when he realised there wasn’t really … Continue reading

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The Big Freeze is back! A stroll through my own backyard winter wonderland

No recipe today I’m afraid… in fact, I’ve not cooked all week but I’ll be back with some recipes soon enough. Meantime, do you fancy a virtual walk with me through my town in our little corner of England? Last weekend, our town was only lightly dusted with snow so our planned walk turned out … Continue reading

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Straight out of Compton… Surrey, that is… :)

Our beautiful country – it doesn’t always rain in Britain I love where we live, so much so that my husband almost has to drag me kicking and screaming from our house whenever I’m home. However, I’m so glad he did drag me away this weekend. It was our first properly cold day this winter … Continue reading

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A special night out at the Gherkin’s 40|30 restaurant and bar

30 St Mary Axe A couple of times a year, the bigmonster and I treat ourselves to a special night out and try to find somewhere neither of us has been to before. Last Thursday, that special place was 30 St Mary Axe, more commonly and better known by its nickname, The Gherkin. Without doubt, … Continue reading

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A meal of mixed emotions

A meal of mixed emotions I was meant to post this yesterday as part of a happy occasion, a celebration of my Singaporean roots as today is Singapore’s National Day. Unfortunately, I’m distracted and saddened by the riots still taking place here in the UK. It’s hard to explain how I feel on days like today. I effectively … Continue reading

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Freshly Pressed: No pain, no gain… free food has its price

There are many, many reasons why I love living in the countryside but being able to forage for free food pretty much tops the list. One of the most abundant sources of said free food in mid/late summer is blackberries. They grow everywhere, even along the motorway. You don’t really want to pick those though … Continue reading

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