What the…? There’s a pheasant in my garden!

Woke up this morning to find a peahen wandering around my garden. It was her lucky day because of my two cats that spotted her, she was chased off by Skinny, the one who to this day hasn’t even managed to catch a fly, much less anything furry or feathery. She does however very proudly … Continue reading

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Nothing beats home-grown. Anyone have any apple-based recipe ideas to share?

Even though I love living in the country, there are some days, like today, when the long commute in and out of London wears me down. That was until I finally got home and was reminded of  this  … a food parcel from my brother-in-law which he brought over on Sunday. None of my husband’s … Continue reading

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Our edible garden

Our edible garden I feel horribly, horribly guilty. I have thoroughly neglected our garden this year. Starting this blog has only made it worse as I’ve realised I’ve barely set foot in my backyard in the last three weeks. There’s still a few more weeks of decent weather left (she says hopefully), and everything still … Continue reading

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