Hangover cures: peanut butter milkshakes

No chewing required It’s all well and good trying to be healthy but all those brilliant intentions fly out the window the day after the night before. I blame Guy Fawkes (and my friends); standing outside in the freezing cold on Bonfire Night yesterday waiting for the fireworks required serious amounts of warming liquidation in … Continue reading

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Fresh fruit doesn’t have to be boring #5: apple dunkers with salted butterscotch

Party favourite As much as I’d love to live in denial, the onset of winter is creeping closer and closer every day. I don’t know about you but why does it always feel like it takes forever for the weather to turn hot in spring and summer, and yet the teeth-chattering chill of winter seems … Continue reading

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Knickerbocker glory at the Summerhouse (Union Canal)

No reason why one can’t enjoy the sunshine on a work day. My colleagues and I decided it was too nice to spend the day cooped up in the London office so we decided to have an impromptu team lunch and headed to The Summerhouse restaurant on Union Canal. It’s a short 10 minute walk … Continue reading

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