The Gherkin’s 40|30 restaurant and bar

The Gherkin - image from originalbuzz and Google images

30 St Mary Axe

A couple of times a year, the bigmonster and I treat ourselves to a special night out and try to find somewhere neither of us has been to before. Last Thursday, that special place was 30 St Mary Axe, more commonly and better known by its nickname, The Gherkin.

Me fooling around with michelin-man-after-diet-pills on the ground floor

Without doubt, the Gherkin is one of my all-time favourite buildings in London. In terms of architecture, it’s only surpassed by three other famous London landmarks that I love:

1) the National History Museum

2) Battersea Power Station

3) The Tower of London

So when I received a special promotion to visit/dine at Searcy’s 30|40 restaurant, I jumped at the chance.

The views from the bar are simply breathtaking!

I don’t generally agree with the idea of ‘members only’ bars and clubs in London because I think it’s ridiculous to pay an annual (and expensive) membership fee for little more than access to some fancy (and usually overpriced) restaurant and a private bar. However, I’m afraid I let my baser, shallower side win out this time just so I could take a lift up to the 39th floor of the building that I never tire of looking at.

Love the bar, love the view, love the friendly waiters

We booked a table for dinner at 8pm but arrived at 7pm so we could treat ourselves to cocktails at the bar. That’s really where you want to be because it’s the highest floor in the building with 360 degree views across London. Unfortunately, it was pissing down with rain on Thursday night so I never got a chance to take my own photos of the Gherkin from the outside while it was still daylight. I found this picture from Google images and it’s from this website:

Despite the strict dress code, the atmosphere is warm, friendly and laid back

I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the roof – it’s mesmerising!

I was going to try my hand at writing a ‘proper’ restaurant review but then thought, sod it, most people will be more interested in the photos anyway :).

So, our story below is really just a collection of random comments and thoughts which I noted throughout the evening. We tried to snap as many pictures as possible without disturbing too many of the suits around us.

In terms of the architecture, it was everything I’d hoped it would be and the bar is simply stunning.

View from the ground floor looking up into the side of the Gherkin

Despite all the glass and metal in a big open space, the atmosphere in the bar is really warm and surprisingly intimate (friendly waiters too!). A table runs almost around the entire circumference of the room, with more tables scattered around the centre’s open space. We were seated right in front of the glass walls and by pure (lucky) coincidence; we faced south looking onto Tower Bridge and could also see where the River Thames snaked around Southeast London, just by where we used to live!

Looking out onto Tower Bridge from our table at the bar

As for the food, it was good but I wouldn’t say it was spectacular. I think the service let the experience down a bit. We asked twice for butter to have with our bread (I don’t think they really liked the fact that we asked for butter) and it took about 15 minutes for them to bring it. As it stands, it’s only slightly more expensive than most London restaurants and while I’ve had better food elsewhere, I’ve also had worse in places far pricier than at the 40|30… anyway, here’s our take on dining at Searcy’s:

30 St Mary Axe, better known as the Gherkin

Change lifts on the 34th floor to get to the 39th

Getting into the Gherkin is exactly like going through security control at the airport. I would have taken a picture of the big scanners and metal detectors that both you and your bags need to go through but the Gherkin’s security detail came with exceedingly grumpy security guards and I didn’t dare to ask them for permission.


Looking out over our old neck of the woods, we were treated to seeing the Tower Bridge being raised to let a small Dutch barge through.

My blue blossom martini was divine but the best drink of the night was actually the bigmonster’s non-alcoholic Thai daiquiri.

Thai daiquiri (unleaded) on the left. Blue Blossom martini (very leaded) on the right.

Cocktails, yum yum yum

We ordered spicy nuts to have with our drinks – these were so crunchy and flavorful and what looked deceptively like fried peanuts in their shell turned out to be rice crackers with a peanut centre.

Champagne cocktail - 30 St Mary Axe

The house’s special cocktail was made with champagne and called The 30 St Mary Axe. Pretty nice but that strip of peel is annoying. The bigmonster ordered another non-alcoholic cocktail called the Fantasia – great colours and looked fantastic but was a tad too sweet.

The Fantasia (I

Now onto dinner… once we were seated, we were served firstly with some pork scratchings (my favourite!) which you dipped into the most divine toffee and rosemary-infused olive oil foam. Really, really delish!

Pork scratchings with a rosemary and toffee-infused olive oil foam. Genius.

Bacon, lettuce and tomato amuse bouche

The official amuse bouche was called the BLT– as in bacon, lettuce and tomato – the bottom layer was tomato jelly, topped with a bacon and onion foam and a sliver of tomato over which was poured liquid lettuce. As some of you will know, I LOVE amuse bouches and this tasted amazing! It was really palate cleansing and the tomato jelly was unbelievably moorish though I could take or leave the liquid lettuce. I am determined to get hold of that tomato jelly recipe somehow…


Day into night

At about 8.30pm, the skies really started to darken and this was when the full impact of being up high in the Gherkin really took effect. London at night from up high is breathtaking!

Organic egg fondant, popcorn and sweetcorn puree

For starters, the bigmonster chose the organic egg fondant, popcorn and sweet corn puree. Strange combination but the egg fondant was really good – runny yolk encased in a marshmallowy meringue. The meringue itself didn’t really taste of anything though but maybe that was deliberate.

Pig on toast, parmesan and pear, muscat grapes

I chose their famous pig on toast – it looked amazing and I really, really liked it, more so than the bigmonster did because it certainly had liver and other types of offal mixed in.

Saint-Aubin Premier Cru 2007

Unfortunately, our choice of wine wasn’t very good. We went for the Saint-Aubin premier cru 2007, perfectly drinkable but not particularly noteworthy. It’s not a wine I’d choose again. I wonder if that wasn’t a particular good year for the pinot noir? I’m no wine expert so will have to turn to my French friends for advice.

Building spotting before it gets completely dark

With quite a long break between courses, we were able to fully enjoy the view and spent some time building spotting, which became increasingly difficult as it got darker.

Fooling around

20 minutes after the first course, our mains arrived. Exmouth brill and Gloucestershire old spot pork belly for him, roasted rump of veal for me. Portion size wise, both were a little on the small size, his more so than mine but his brill was cooked to perfection and the pork belly was moist and tender.

Exmouth brill with gloucestershire old spot pork belly

Roast rump of veal with English peas a la francais

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my veal. You’d expect baby cow to be sweetly tender but this bordered on tough hide with little real flavour. Also, we’d had foam this, and foam that, on every single plate and the foam fetish was getting a little old. A bit disappointing as mains go.


We were originally going to push the boat out and have both cheese and dessert but with time running out and a train to catch, we decided to just have the cheese plate and coffee.

I’ve come to really appreciate a good cheese board and the cart at 40|30 was superb. We both tried two cheeses we’d never had before, a morbier and an abondance, and they’re now on my list to track down because they were simply divine!

An extra pleasant surprise came with our coffees when a petit four cart showed up offering a selection of chocolate vanilla and peach macaroons, chocolate truffles filled with salty caramel and an array of sugared jellies. I wish I could describe how lovely these small treats were. All I can say is that they’re lucky we had to leave to get back to Waterloo, or else we would have stayed for another 3 coffees and further helpings from the jars!

Chocolate vanilla macaroons, chocolate truffles and peach macaroons plus sugared jellies. Spoilt for choice

The stairs leading up to the bar

With the taxi waiting in the rain to whisk us back to the station, I only had time to grab a few more shots of the building but my iphone’s not good at night shots so all I could manage was this semi-decent shot of the Gherkin’s outline.


If you ever get a chance to go to Searcy’s 40|30 , then do because it is genuinely worth the trip. I’d be quite happy to go again though I’d probably stay in bar and skip the restaurant. In addition to a great cocktail menu, they have substantial bar snacks to keep you fed while you take in the views.

The bar at night

Main entrance to 30 St Mary Axe

The combination of the architecture, the surroundings, the views over London, the friendly bar staff and the food made for a really special night out – one that I will certainly treasure for many years to come. Hope you liked the pictures!

Lots of love


The Gherkin at night

8 Responses to “The Gherkin’s 40|30 restaurant and bar”
  1. Heavens, what a glorious outing! Quite the adventure all through–amazing architecture and views and food and drink. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing the journey. 🙂

  2. naomi says:

    it was great to here your adventure and am hoping to take my sister for her 21st birthday. do you know how i would go about getting in for one evening or is it definately a members only thing of which you were very lucky to be part of. can i ask on cost of your magical evening and if theres any other amazing places in london which you would recommend thank you xx

    • Hi, I’ll email you separately with the number to contact. I was told that even though it’s a member’s club, you can just email them and ask if you can book to visit. We splurged a bit as we went for dinner so we probably spent at least about £80 pp that night, including the cocktails in the bar. Do go though, it is worth it just for the cocktails and the view!

  3. Nathan Jones says:

    Hiya I am taking my girlfriend to London next weekend and I wanted to propose to her somewhere special This looks like the spot could you email me a number or an email address to get in contact with this restaurant please Thankyou

  4. Imelda benitez says:

    I would like to make a reservation please.

  5. Tre says:

    Thanks for the write up and pictures, it looks quite an experience and just the place to treat my daughter for her24th birthday. I am pleased you included the non alcoholic drinks as these can be a letdown for us non drinkers when going somewhere special.

    Do you think lunchtime would feel special enough? She tends to be out with friends at night, so my window of opportunity is probably then.

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