The (very lethal) Mars Bar Banana Vodka Shots

Mars Bar Banana Vodka Shots


Mars Bar Banana Vodka Shots


It’s funny how time can blunt your memories quite severely, especially when alcohol’s involved…

10 years ago, we arrived home with friends after a drunken night out in search of more alcohol, as you do. We found a full bottle of vodka in the freezer but didn’t have any mixers. We did however have a bunch of bananas and some Mars bars in the cupboard. Ipso facto… our Mars bar banana vodka shots were born… Needless to say, we had a brilliant time that night and thought that we were the dog’s bollocks, creating a drink that was sweet, alcoholic and nutritious to boot!

We never actually made that drink again but always told people to try it at parties.

So, after a 40th birthday reunion party yesterday, we decided to re-create our infamous beverage today for the blog.

Umm, unfortunately, because we can’t quite remember the quantities we used the first time round, I think we need to work on the recipe a wee bit more.

Banana, vodka, milk and a Mars Bar

Our creation does taste lovely but we need to work on how it looks because no matter how nice it tastes, it currently looks more like something you’d bring up rather than chuck down. I added way too much vodka too so I’ll halve the amount when I make this again. I reckon it’ll look less like regurgitated vom too if I melt the Mars bar in the microwave before blending, which we actually did do 10 years ago.

You’d be an idiot to try this recipe with the amount of vodka I put in today but if you’re a glutton for punishment, knock yourself out… I would have made another batch with melted chocolate but it’s a work day tomorrow and I only bought one Mars bar today. Damn.

Preparation and ingredients (makes 2-3 shots)


1 sliced banana

1 Mars bar (I suggest you melt this rather than chop it, like I did today)

50ml vodka (this is what I used today but I think 25-30ml is more than enough)

50ml milk

Chuck everything into blender and hey presto… the (very lethal) Mars bar banana vodka shot.

That's caramel and nougat that you can see. Promise.

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