whilst the bramble jelly’s setting, there’s time for a different kind of cuppa

I have to start my post today with an apology. After our day picking blackberries yesterday, mr monster aka big monster aka my husband was meant to post his bramble jelly recipe today in his editorial début. Unfortunately, he made it this morning and forgot that we needed to leave the jelly to set overnight. So, until we’ve made sure his recipe worked (fingers crossed!), no recipe…

One sugar or two?

Meantime, while my husband was faffing around taking pictures of his jelly-in-the-making, I was starting the preparations for the recipe I’m planning to post tomorrow, which involves one of my favourite spices – fresh ginger – and one of my favourite meats – chicken wings!

However, I don’ t want to give everything away at once and since the chicken’s marinating overnight too, I thought I’d post a very simple recipe for making ginger tea. After all, I have a lot of spare ginger to use up.

A tea without tea

The first time I had ginger tea was after a massage at a spa in Koh Samui and I immediately loved the heat and spiciness of freshly boiled ginger. Typically though, I’ve taken what should be a totally “zen” experience and added booze in the form of my usual poison, VODKA!

Now, before you start thinking that I only know how to make drinks with vodka (not true, I love all other alcohol too!), I’ve shown you both a ‘leaded’ and ‘unleaded’ version of ginger tea. Now it’s up to you to choose how zen you’d like to be today… enjoy.

To make my ginger tea, click here for the recipe.

Lots of love


PS – I’d like to give special thanks too to all of my blog visitors, friends and family. I started this blog just over four weeks ago and because of you, I’ve had over 1,500 hits already. I’m sure most of those are from my mum (thanks mum! :))… but seriously, thank you very, very much!  

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