Happy new year to all

This one is for all of you 🙂

I thought I wouldn’t have time to get one more post in but guess what… 🙂

Ringing in the New Year

More fizz please 🙂

I love welcoming in each New Year just as much as the next person but every New Year’s eve, I can’t help but get a wee bit annoyed because every year, my friends act as if I’m committing the world’s greatest sin by not getting together, getting drunk and acting like a silly prat on New Year’s Eve.

Tonight, while almost all of my friends will be getting absolutely bladdered and probably be spending a small fortune drunk dialling people they haven’t spoken to in over a year, my husband and I will be sharing a curry with my friend, her husband and their son, playing a game of scrabble and then going to bed early. Oh, and I will be taking my phone off the hook until I’ve slept until I can’t sleep in anymore on New Year’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a party person, as is my husband, but not on New Year’s Eve. I’ve done my share of New Year’s Eve parties and I’ve never enjoyed them. But I love the fact that my friends are going to have a brilliant time tonight, good for them!

Only problem is that my friends just won’t listen…

However, it doesn’t matter because my phone will be off the hook and I won’t have the hangover from hell to deal with in the morning (that’s if they’ve even gotten to bed yet) – revenge will be sweetest when I wake them up mid hangover all chirpy and sweetness and light… 🙂

Dear machine, you have made an excellent clothes horse all year but now we will actually start using you again for your true purpose in life... to inflict pain

And in case you think I’m being a tad horrible and a bit of a wet blanket today of all days? Don’t. After many, many years of New Year’s abuse (dished out and taken), I just really like starting my new year off in the best possible frame of mind, which for me means hangover-free, well rested and ready to face the world in prep for whatever it’s bound to throw at me, good and bad, in the months to come.

New Year’s Day is also the last day in our unofficial holiday pig-out. Come Monday, we’re dusting down our cross-trainer and planning a healthier lifestyle for the next 5 months.

I say 5 months because I turn 40 in May and I’m putting some ‘good’ work in before I plan the biggest, baddest party of my lifetime. My husband thinks that’s a twisted resolution, I say any incentive is a good incentive for however long it may last. 😉

So, to say goodbye to 2011 and as a little treat to ourselves, I’ve made a chocolate yule log for my friends tonight along with some absolutely decadent chocolate cupcakes.

Why chocolate cupcakes and a yule log?

Well, if you read my story a couple of weeks back about my sweet and salty chocolate cake (read story here), I had plenty of chocolate butter frosting left over and it needed using up before we begin our gruesome, sorry I meant wholesome, lifestyle… so happy new year everyone, here’s a cupcake just for you!

Chocolate cupcakes and a chocolate swiss roll log, covered in chocolate butter icing

Whatever way in which you like to spend your New Year’s Eve, party-free or partying hard, I hope you also end 2011 full of fun, hope and happiness, with plenty left over to see you through to 2012 and beyond.

To get the recipe for my chocolate cupcakes (they’re from the Hummingbird Bakery), click here.

How much time will I have to train on that damned machine to burn off one cupcake???

Lots of love and happy new year!


18 Responses to “Happy new year to all”
  1. billpeeler says:

    Happy New Year to you, BFN! Hope you guys have had a fantastic holiday season on your side of the pond!

  2. Positive thinking! I’ve already thrown out a lot of fatty foods from my cupboards and refrigerator. Happy New Year!

    • I haven’t gone that far as I hate throwing food out, especially if they’re yummy, but we are going to try and cut down on the richness of our dishes. I’ve probably single handedly kept the diary business going with the amount of butter I’ve bought and used recently LOL

  3. Dalai Lina says:

    Big Fat Noodle, I am SO on your page. We are going ice skating with our kids and going to bed early. I don’t like to think of myself as a wet blanket…no, more practical. There are 364 other days in the year to whoop it up. I choose not to be out and about with all the crazies on the road trying to kill themselves.

    Does anyone else get worried about that?

    Good luck to you and that exercise machine!

  4. Happy New Year to you too BFN! Hope you have a lovely quiet night, as you desire.

  5. ceciliag says:

    i love that term bladdered, I had forgotton that one! John asked me what the date was today!! when he was writing a check for the hay that we are putting up ion the barn after dinner, then off to bed for the farm people! Have a lovely night.. c

  6. Beautiful as always, Noodle! Happy New Year to you!

  7. I feel like I gained weight just looking at all of those yummy chocolate pictures. Warm up and dust off that treadmill. Happy 2012!

  8. Happy 2012 – have a beautiful love and laughter filled year.
    🙂 Mandy

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