Monster’s Dhal


Follow the yellow-split lentil


hardest bit is just measuring out the spices and that's not hard at all.

Dhal is a pretty loose concept. Ho ho. Had to get that one out. Again with the haha.

Always lentil based, usually meat free, it has been the butt of anti-vegetarian fart gags for many a year. But, all joking aside, it’s a simple dish to make, and makes a great side or even main dish for your vegetable-arian friends. But if they ask you if farts come with lumps, just smile and move away…smile and moooove away…

Preparing the base for the dhal

I love making curries, but just having that and plain old rice can be a little dull, so I looked for some dhal recipes and discovered that there is no one way to do it, every sub-continental family will have their own ‘definitive’ version.  I’m not a big fan of turmeric, as it tends to add more colour than flavour, so my special version is without.

thebigfatnoodle: 'this recipe is amazing! I could easily eat this like a soup and pass on everything else!'

On reflection, it tasted fantastic, actually better than the main chicken dish it was supporting, but it’s certainly not fart-free. I have read that the asafoetida ‘aids digestion’ and reduces the flatulatory properties, but a fart free lentil? It simply doesn’t exist… however, my recipe uses very little oil so it’s much, much healthier than the tarka dhal’s you’ll get in take-aways.

For the recipe, click here 

The Monster's Dhal


2 Responses to “Monster’s Dhal”
  1. Beren says:

    My favourite ! I’ll try tonight ….. x

  2. I adore making curries too. I was going to make a chana dhal last night but forgot to soak my split peas. I’ll be blogging it early next week. This one looks awesome – I adore a nice dhal.

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